Owen Michael O'Donnell

Owen Michael O'Donnell is a 17-year cosmetic veteran based proudly in Baltimore. The busy makeup artist has worked everywhere from Saks Fifth Avenue to Sephora (as a manager), as well as several salon/spa chains. His work has been featured in magazines such as Elle, Cosmo, Girl's Life, Baltimore Style, Health, Self, Baltimore Mag, as well as many commercials and fashion events. Owen is a regular fixture on Baltimore TV news, both on-camera and behind the scenes. He also guest teaches at local beauty schools and heads up a cosmetics program for cancer patients at a local hospital.

The native Baltimorean has always thought of the city and its environs as a series of unique villages - each with its own panache and memorable characters. He’s always struck by how much style there is and frustrated with just how easy it is to miss if you don’t know where to look.

After venturing into a full time freelance career and leading, coaching, and developing others he became frustrated with the overwhelming but not well edited options for clients and in turn the lack of lucrative options for a working makeup artist to offer. Having worked for the top department stores from Saks to Hechts and brands like Bobbi Brown, MAC, Laura Mercier as well as management at Ulta and Sephora leading into spa training , event planning, philanthropy, and media work he started offering his own personal shopping services for private clients. Renowned and respected for honestly and quickly being able to edit down what worked and what didn't as well as where to save vs splurge he was the anti sales person. After developing a reputation for this straightforward approach he became the beauty editor for a regional magazine and two separate beauty columns . This gave the opportunity to hear other industry professionals needs, wins, and frustrations . After nearly two years of that and feeling like he'd seen everything but nothing was the right combination of, opportunity, pro quality, ease of use, that could go anywhere he began to cultivate and develop his own line that couldn't be called anything but essentials. Put together based on what he knew was in his own kit at all times that he could just grab and be prepared for anything it is everything you the client , retailer, or artist need without all the fuss. A mentor of Owen's always said you can spend some money, save some money, or even earn some money. He hopes that rings true for all of you and looks forward to working with you.